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PCR Test in Manhattan

Rapid Test NYC is happy to offer PCR testing services for individuals with time-sensitive testing needs. This test helps travelers who require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before entering a country. At Rapid Test NYC, we are certified to perform PCR testing. Our COVID-19 tests meet the strict requirements set by national and international governing bodies to verify whether someone has the infection or not.

What Can You Expect During Your Rapid COVID Test?

Our medical assistant or primary care provider will administer the test at our New York COVID 19 testing locations through the throat or nasal swab. You can get the result of your test the same day instead of the 3-7 day estimated wait for most nasal swab tests showing whether the patient is infected with COVID-19 or not. If your test results came out to be positive but never show any symptoms, we will discuss the next steps for care.

How Does The Rapid Test Detect COVID-19?

The antibody test kit is like other test kits. It requires mucus to detect antibodies against the virus in your bloodstream. Our physicians will insert a flexible stick with cotton into your nose or brushes the swab along the back of your throat to get a sample of mucus. The virus is very concentrated in the throat and nose. The mucus sample is sealed in a small tube and sent to our lab for analysis. The sample is combined with chemicals that detect the presence of the virus. The result will be displayed on our computer and printed for reference purposes. A staff member will give you a printout of your test result. 

Our Rapid COVID Test Cost

This test costs a few hundred dollars. The PCR test cost does not include the doctor's appointment, which is covered by insurance carriers. All of our PCR tests must be carried out through a consultation with one of our clinical staff. Payment must be paid in full by credit card at the time the test is administered. Please visit our website to see the current price. 

What Should I Do To Prepare For My PCR Test?

When you arrive at our COVID 19 testing sites in Manhattan, please make sure you are wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose. The mask can be lowered when asked by our clinical team when collecting the test sample. We'll collect the test sample by taking a swab of your upper nasal cavity, processed at our testing sites in Manhattan. The swab, which only takes a few moments, can be mildly uncomfortable but will not cause you any pain.

Contact Rapid Test NYC For PCR Test Manhattan 

If you have been exposed to someone who recently tested positive for the COVID-19 or you need an urgent test for traveling, visit Rapid Test NYC in Manhattan today. Our PCR test is available 24/7, with results in minutes. We accept most insurance plans. Please call us at (917) 905-2713 for more information.

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