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Rapid COVID Test in Soho

Five Reasons to Choose Rapid Test NYC

COVID is a serious medical concern for every American. If you have symptoms, were exposed, or simply want to stay safe, you need to get a rapid COVID test in SOHO. At Rapid Test NYC, we offer fast, efficient testing and accurate results.

  1. Fast Results: When you think you might have COVID or be exposed to someone who does, you want to get the results of a test very quickly. Most other facilities make you wait days, and in the meantime, you could be contagious. You need a rapid COVID test in SOHO to supply you with the information you need as soon as 30-minutes following the swab.

  2. Convenient and Easy Testing: At Rapid Test NYC, we offer the most convenient way to get a rapid COVID test in SOHO. Many other testing sites require you to wait in long lines. We offer appointments to arrive at the correct time, and won’t need to waste your day in line. We offer a convenient location so you can get here on time and complete the test very efficiently. We offer two types of tests: the rapid COVID test and the PCR test, with fast results.

  3. Two Testing Options: We have a team of expert medical professionals who will assist you with the testing process. We keep our facility clean and sanitary, so you are assured that you will remain safe throughout your visit. We take pride in offering the fastest rapid COVID test in SOHO. We can provide you the results in as little as 30 minutes for the rapid test and within 24 hours for the PCR test. The PCR test is generally more accurate than the rapid test, and we give the fastest test results in the city.

  4. Appointments: We make it easy to schedule an appointment for a rapid COVID test in SOHO. Visit our website to register for a test. We will designate a time for you to get your test. Most other testing facilities don’t offer appointments, and you have to wait for hours, sometimes in your car. We also offer concierge testing for groups in their own homes. Contact us to learn more about our testing options.

  5. Skilled Experts: Don’t trust your test to unskilled workers. We employ a team of people with training and experience to handle your coronavirus test safely. You won’t need to worry that you will get exposed to the virus through testing because we keep our facility safe and sanitary. We give you a receipt for your payment so you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement. We accept major credit cards at our facility. Contact us online or by phone.


At Rapid Test NYC, we are a leading COVID test provider in the city. We are happy to provide fast, efficient, and accurate testing. We make it convenient to get a COVID test to protect you and your family. Contact Rapid Test NYC for immediate testing and results in NYC: (917) 905-2713

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