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Rapid Test in NYC

The coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the nation and threatening your life. One of the only ways to stay safe and protect your loved ones is with regular testing. At Rapid Test NYC, we are one of the leading COVID 19 testing sites in Manhattan. We provide high-quality testing with fast results so you can protect yourself and others from deadly diseases.

What is Rapid Testing?

Rapid testing is one of the best ways to determine whether you have COVID-19. Our testing provides you with the answers you need so you can make important decisions in your life. Whether you are suffering from some symptoms of COVID or you were exposed to someone with the virus, you want to know the results as soon as possible. If you were exposed to someone with COVID, you should quarantine for 14 days. If you test positive for the virus, you need to isolate it until you no longer have any symptoms until you test negative.

Types of COVID Testing

At Rapid Test NYC, we offer two main types of COVID testing. These include rapid testing and PCR testing. Generally, rapid testing is slightly less accurate than PCR testing. However, rapid testing gives you results immediately, usually in about 30 minutes. PCR testing results can take longer. Most other testing facilities can take several days or longer to give you the test results. At Rapid Test NYC, we offer fast PCR results the next day and sometimes sooner than that. The sooner you get test results, the better able you will be to take action to protect those around you.


Advantages of COVID Testing

With COVID-19 spreading out of control in the city and across the country, you want to protect yourself and keep your loved ones safe. A COVID rapid test in NYC will give you results quickly so you can isolate and prevent the spread of the virus. Our facility offers unsurpassed professional testing without having to wait in long lines. We offer rapid tests that provide results the same day and PCR tests with the fastest results possible. When you get your test results more quickly, it means that you can take precautions to protect your loved ones. Testing gives you peace of mind that you are not currently contagious.

How to Get a Rapid Test in NYC

We offer the easiest way to get a rapid COVID test in the city. You can make an appointment through our simple online registration. All you need to do is arrive at the scheduled time of your testing, and we will be ready to take care of your needs. Our facility is clean and sanitary, and our professional staff will perform the test quickly. We will ask several questions to determine whether you have symptoms of COVID. We provide fast, private results soon after you complete your test. You must pay for the test, and we will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. Contact Rapid Test NYC for immediate testing and results in NYC: (917) 905-2713.

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