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Rapid Test in NYC Walk In

Following the break out of the deadly COVID - 19, you must carry out the necessary rapid COVID tests if you feel any of the virus' symptoms. A rapid diagnostic test (RDT) helps to detect the presence of antigen expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample from a person's respiratory tract.

One of the tests that need to be carried out is the rapid PCR COVID test. This test helps to detect one's Ribonucleic Acid - RNA (or genetic material) specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of infection, even if someone doesn't feel any symptom associated with the virus.

While there are various COVID 19 testing sites in Manhattan and undoubtedly many New York COVID 19 locations but then, wouldn't it be great if you can entrust your body and health to experts in the industry? Our Rapid Test NYC walk-in is your best bet when it comes to COVID testing, and here are some reasons for that.


Results Delivered Fast

The truth remains that the Rapid PCR COVID test's turnaround could go up to 2-3 days. Although the test result takes almost 24 hours to be available, at Rapid Test NYC, you will receive your accurate results within minutes of taking the test. We have the required tools and experts in the industry to help you get your result in as fast as thirty minutes.

Professional Evaluation

While carrying out tests like this, it is necessary to be sure about the tester's expertise, who will perform the test on you, whether or not the person is capable. This is crucial to be sure about the credibility of the test results. At Rapid Test NYC, you will get your screening done and evaluation done by the best guys in the business.

Safe Environment

Do you know that not all environments are conducive for COVID 19 testing? A standard environment for COVID testing must strictly align with the laid down rules given by the bodies that control the spread of the Covid 19 virus. At Rapid Test NYC, we have a clean, cautious, and safe space that complies with all the rules and regulations laid down by these bodies.

Concierge Testing

While we understand that due to some reasons coming to our location might not be very feasible for you, we have made provisions for you to get yourself or your group tested at the comfort of your home. That is, through our professional medical team, they will come to your home or whatever location you choose to conduct these tests for you.

Receipts Supplied For Insurance Carrier

At Rapid Test NYC, we get your Rapid COVID Test submitted for reimbursement by your insurance carrier so that you are covered even in the most uncertain of times.

If you would love to have reliable, fast, and hitch-free professionally taken COVID testing, contact Rapid Test NYC for immediate testing and results in NYC.

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