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Rapid Test in Soho

COVID-19 is sweeping the nation, and it won’t go away very soon. If you were exposed to someone who has coronavirus or has symptoms, you need to determine whether you have the virus as soon as possible. It would help to take a rapid test in SOHO that gives you the results quickly. At Rapid Test NYC, we provide professional, secure testing by experts at our sanitary location. We have the expertise and skill we need to perform tests properly and efficiently.

Choosing a Rapid Test Facility in Soho

It is best to choose a reliable testing location that offers professional testing options with fast results. Most local testing sites are hectic, and you need to wait in line for many hours before you get your turn. At Rapid Test NYC, we schedule COVID testing appointments, so you won’t need to waste your entire day. Visit our facility for your scheduled time, and you will receive a test quickly and effortlessly. Many test facilities don’t offer rapid tests, and you might wait days to find the results. We provide rapid COVID-19 testing so that you will receive the results the same day, usually in just a half-hour.

How Rapid Test NYC is better than Other Testing Sites

Our location is unsurpassed for providing the rapid test in SOHO. We make COVID testing convenient and simple. We have a team of professionals who are here to assist you through the easy process. We provide test results more quickly than most other COVID-19 testing sites in SOHO. You can choose from a rapid test for results in 30 minutes or a PCR test with results within 24-hours. Pay with a credit card, and we give you a receipt you can submit to your insurance provider, if applicable. We also offer concierge testing at your location for groups or families. We offer unsurpassed COVID testing in SOHO.

How to Get a Rapid Test in Soho

When you need a rapid test in SOHO, count on Rapid Test NYC for an easy and stress-free option. You can register for a test online, and we will schedule an appointment. Arrive for your appointment at the time we designate, and you will receive a test very quickly. We will ask you some questions about your symptoms and perform a swab test. The test will provide results in minutes, so you can be sure that you are free of the virus before you go about your daily life. You should follow the CDC guidelines for COVID exposure to ensure that you keep your family and friends safe.


Rapid Test NYC is a leading testing facility in the city. We provide a safe, secure, sanitary facility with quick testing and results. You can count on our team to offer the best COVID testing available. When you need fast and reliable test results, you don’t need to stand in line for hours at another site. Visit our location for a rapid test in SOHO.  Contact Rapid Test NYC for immediate testing and results in NYC: (917) 905-2713.

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